CREDIT All theses pages were made in collaboration with an editor and supervised by my art editor. I did the creative and graphic design for all of them. Please look for their names in each spread below.

CATCH THE RIGHT GUY: This article is about who is the right guy to marry. I decided to use the question mark like a hook catching the proper groom to reinforce the article’s main purpose and the text structure, questions that the reader should ask herself to recognize the right guy among many. I did the creative and graphic design while working at Cosmopolitan Brazil in 2011 to 2014.​​​​​​​
The accomplish map is an article about how to success flirting. I inspired in subway maps to suggest the direction where and what a girl should reach it.
Article of beauty about Gloss. The sequential pages follow the idea of talk balloons to describe each lipstick. These spreads nominated to Award Abril of Journalism 2012 for design of article.
An article about what is the proper question in each moment of relationship. I decided to do a timeline to help the visualization of this time and to do the article more funny and clear.
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