Glenda is an interaction designer focused on a human-centered approach and inclusive design. She has an MFA in Human-Centered Interaction and 10 years of experience as a graphic designer and art director. 

At Citibank, she leads the end-to-end shopping experience designs for cards and accounts on Citi’s website and app. Working closely with a cross-disciplinary team, her designs enable users and business owners to find the best banking product for their financial goals and provide an informative and guided journey that considers accessibility and inclusion for everyone. She worked on high-profile marketing pages for the new account structure of Simplified Banking and Financial Pathways Ways for an underbanking audience.

Previously, she worked for many industries such as Healthcare, e-commerce, B2B, and News Media. Glenda is also committed to mentoring designers and graduate students to maximize best practices and elevate their work. She is a top 10 mentor on ADPlist.

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