I led the graphic design of this book for Brazil’s largest health magazine called Saúde (2016). This book is selling in newsstands and bookstores in Brazil and its fifty chapters explain the nutritional benefits of each food. Also, it is part of a nutritional book collection of Saúde.

The client requested a product that has a new project graphic as the model of the nutritional book collection, whose pictures are reused from the magazine’s archive. I settled on a design style that was geometric and flexible to connect to the magazine visual identity and reinforce the book as a branch, as well as the graphic design model of the collection. For the photograph edition, I determined the use of the food's pictures in a white background to maintain the book’s unit photographic, even as reusing, as well as a remarkable icon of chapter openings.

Likely the photographs, the big margins also contributed to this sense of lightness and flexibility. Sometimes, it was necessary to add an extra information box, and I put it in the margin to maintain the balance of text content between each chapter, and to create the sense of spontaneity. Also, this sense is reinforced by the use of adornments through the pages. At least, the contemporary facets in this project are guaranteed by the geometric elements and the vivid color. 

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