REFILE BRAND The Union of Graphic Industries (UIG) asked me to redesign its magazine’s brand. The magazine’s title is REFILE, which is a verb in Portuguese and means to cut a paper following the crop-marks. I created a logo using the fluid movements of a strip of paper cut into various thicknesses.
PUXE BRAND I designed this brand for a handles and knobs store in Brasília.
The store is called PUXE which means pull in Portuguese.
ABITRIGO LOGO I designed this brand while working for Saúde magazine in 2008. Abitrigo, the association of wheat industries, and the Brazilian government wanted to promote the idea that: “wheat is health,” which was the slogan of their campaign. The logo shows the slogan in Brazil’s colors, which also matches the colors of a golden wheat and green fields.
DISCOGRAFIA is the name of a music magazine and means a collection of records in Portuguese. The brand’s draw reminds of the shape of record covers and reinforces the magazine format and conception.
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