Citibank Projects
Work Summary
I worked on several web responsive and mobile projects across two teams: Shop and Acquire. My main focus was to improve the end-to-end shopping experience of banking accounts and cards at Citibank. I played different roles, both as an individual contributor and as a design lead.
I partnered and collaborated with UX writing, user research, product management, marketing, Citi design system, engineering, legal, accessibility, diversity and inclusion, and test & optimization teams.
My Role: Design Lead
Duration : 3 Years
Project's List
• Citi website marketing pages for banking accounts
• Product Selector tool for account openings
• Card's Application Framework for website and native app
• Balance Transfer flow 
• Citi Financial Pathways (microsite to underbanked users)
• Landing page for Pre-qualified Cards
• Balance Transfer App
• Small Business Lending Web portal
• and more
Note: Due to confidentiality, case studies are available only upon request. 
Marketing Pages for Banking Accounts
About the Project
Citi recently eliminated the number of account packages and converted to a new simplified banking experience and reward system. The objectives were to educate new and existing customers on Citi's new banking products and tier relationships without overloading visitors with information on the product detail pages.

Project Details
Scope: 1/2 year of the MVP production of 15 pages for pre and post-login spaces.
Role: I worked as an individual contributor on creating the new 14 product pages for Simplied Banking and I led the design of a product selector – a tool for multi-account openings with cross-selling and upsell opportunities across various product entry points and scalable beyond retail banking.

Product Selector Modal tailored for each tier that the account is being opened

Opening Account Flow

• Glenda developed the customer experience and design for new segment-specific Product Selectors, critical in meeting digital acquisition goals for the high-profile Project Simplified Banking launch. She ensured consistency with other related projects and developed a comprehensive matrix of account opening scenarios that have been extremely useful to the Development, Tagging, and Testing teams in implementing and validating her designs. She made a significant contribution to the successful launch. – Anne Marie Tedesco, Vice President, Digital Product Management at Citi.​​​​​​​
• I worked with Glenda on a new digital marketing page for Citi’s Retail Bank.  Glenda is a fantastic designer – she asks insightful questions during the intake process, can synthesize the source information down to the essential messages, and uses design to effectively communicate and draw the user to the call to action.  Glenda is easy to work with – she listens to and incorporates feedback, adheres to committed timelines, and promptly responds to questions. I look forward to working with Glenda again in the future! – Jocelyn Fountain, VP, Senior Business Analyst at Citi.
• Walk through my design decision with the Development
• Being transparent about requirements as much as the benefits/incentives. It builds trust and reduces drop-offs at the application phase.

What helped us succeed 
• Leveraged common component library
• Weekly development meetings
• Consistent ADA review of new components.
• Weekly Citi Design System introducing new components and approval of use of existing (Grid, Compare Chart, Tabs)

Next Steps
• Test and target the product selector tool with the Optimization Team
• Simplified the Conversion flow to increase conversion to Simplified Banking of existing customers
• Expansion of Product Selector to other LOB
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