CREDITS All theses pages were made in collaboration with an editor and/or reporter and were supervised by my art director. I did the creative, graphic design, and photo direction for the pages with them. I also worked with illustrators, photographers, and stylist. Please look for their names in each spread below.
TRANSGENIC FEATURE SPREADS Transgenic food, the main topic in this article, is illustrated by scientists building and painting food to show that these products are something actually created by man.
POTASSIUM BALANCE This article is about the importance of Potassium-rich foods in a healthy diet. The first page illustrates the idea of a balance using carefully stacked fruits.
In the next pages, I used food to imitate the chemical processes that contribute to a Sodium and Potassium Balance in people. The amounts of each food are shown in true proportion to their occurrence in a well-regulated body. I decided to tell this chemical story through using food to avoid any scary of the unfriendly chemical graphic to the reader and reinforce the natural process.
HEALTH TOOTHBRUSH It is an article about careful behavior to have a clean toothbrush. I did the creative, graphic design and the first sketch.
Dental Floss It is an article about Dental Floss.
Probiotic and Blood Pressure It is an article about Probiotic milk to avoid the high pressure.
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