Yogurt Cookbook 
I led the graphic design for this book and its promotional materials as an invite from Saúde, the Brazil’s largest health magazine, and Dannon Brazil. The book’s first four chapters explain the nutritional benefits of eating yogurt daily, and seven additional chapters contain famous chef's recipes using yogurt as the main ingredient. 

The client requested a product that communicated a sense of how yogurt is enjoyed by everyone, every day. I settled on a design style that was handmade and slow food to connect with the cozy, casual and real ambiance of our kitchens. For typography, I used handmade letters and I played with type sizes to highlight the improvisation that is so common in our kitchens. In the recipes, I integrated typography to remind the reader of a grandmother’s recipe book.

Illustrations and photographs also contributed to this sense of a real kitchen. Sometimes, I put the dessert in a glass or a mug to put a salad, as if the chef had suddenly run out of dishes. I selected photos with natural light and warm overtones. Some pictures were taken during the cooking process, or when the food was just served. Everything piece was designed to reinforce how we often feel in our kitchens.
This book was made in collaboration with an editor in chief, food editor, nutrition doctor and supervisor by my art director and editor. In addition, all these pages and photo direction were made in collaboration with a freelancer design. I worked with illustrators, photographer, staff stylists and videomaker.
Editor in Chief Lucia Helena de Oliveira, Food Editor Regina Celia Pereira, Art Director Robson Quinafélix,
Art Editor Letícia Raposo, Freelancer Designer: Joana Reset, Illustrator Thiago Almeida, Photographer Alex Silva, Stylist Andrea Silva, Food Stylist Silvia Marques, Videomaker Doberman Estúdio and Ana Cossermelli, Stylist of movies Ina Ramos
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